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PostSubject: Application   20.01.09 1:39

If you want to apply to join our clan open a topic in this forum.

read note before you apply:

- You have to enjoy pvping we are a aggressive pvp clan
- You have to be able to communicate in English
- You must use Ventrilo (no vent = no communication = bad pve/pvp) at least for listening, talking is preferred
- You must use the forum on a daily basis to know whats going on in the clan
- You should be online every evening if possible, and around 2-3 hours/if you cant don't even bother applying
- You must act quickly, you cannot hold up your clan members or you get removed from the party
- Going AFK for longer then 5 minute's in Experience party's will also lead to a dismiss from the party
- Taking initiative in completing tasks in the parties you will join(EX: being MA, being a proper party leader) as a recruit will be very important and can increase the chance of getting items from the clanwh

About drops

All recipes B, A and S grade, goes to clan wh. NO EXCEPTION
All key materials B, A and S grade, goes to clan wh NO EXCEPTION
All full drops B, A, and S grade, goes to clan wh. NO EXCEPTION
Basic materials like (sop,cbp,iron ore) goes to clan wh. NO EXCEPTION
You can keep the recipe's/Key mats you need for your own equipment

NOTE: Players will receive the recipe and key mats when they have all common mats.

Full drops are shared out based on the opinion of the clanleader(s)


Always respect your clanmembers, pking/insulting a clan/alliance member can lead to a clan dismiss
All of the experience party's and pvp party's are organized which means there is a Main assist and you will have to Assist
In pvp's there is no excuse for not assisting

answer the following questions after u accepted these rules.

1. Your nickname
2. Age
3. On which servers did you play?
4. Can you use TS?
5. How good would you consider your English?
6. Where are you from? What timezone (GMT+?) ?
7. How many hours do u play per day? (Avarage)
8. Whats your ingame name / class / subb / lvl
9. Anything else we should know?
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